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Paolina Milana Marketing & Media

Strategic Communications

Knowing what to say is important.

Knowing how and when to say it makes it strategic.

Strategic planning, business development, integrated marketing & media communications, public speaking...To make the most of your messages, you need a storyteller with proven expertise in it all.

You also need a trusted partner to learn about you. Every business offers some products and services. We dig deeper to find the very things that make your offerings unique. Crafting the right messages and delivering them to your target audiences via the right channels at the right times helps maximize your business success. And that is the ultimate goal.

How Can I Help YOU?

Do you wish you had a dedicated team mate who really understood your vision and could help you realize your dreams? Are you stitching together multiple staffers or outside vendors without getting results? Are you wanting a trusted partner who's not only strategic but also hands-on, and who can take care of "the story of you and your brand" from soup to nuts? Then let's have a chat to get you where you want to be.

Telling YOUR Story

  • What Makes You YOU?
  • Positioning, Messaging
  • Key Audiences to Target

Content Creation

  • Copywriting, Blogs, Social
  • Scripts, Presentations, Events
  • Leveraging Technology & Tools

Integrated Communications

  • Earned (PR), Owned (website), Paid (ads), Shared (social)
  • Internal & External Voices

Presentations & Workshops

  • Brand & Ambassadors
  • Storytelling 101
  • Leadership Inside The Arena

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” ~ Seth Godin

What Others Say


Paolina is an extremely conscientious marketer with an innate ability to read and take control of situations. A great leader, she is a fierce supporter of her people, and goes the extra mile to make personal connections that amplify individual contributions to the team.

Garry Przyklenk 

TD Bank Group Analytics


An extraordinary, self-driven, insightful business professional, Paolina is a true forward-thinking marketing communications expert. Honestly, I am in "awe" of her many accomplishments. and skills as a leader.

Fay Shapiro
commPRO.biz CEO


Paolina's creativity and professionalism inspires others to follow her lead. She steps up to the plate, takes on more than required, and delivers. And she does it all with intelligence, dedication, grace and skill.

Christine Bakalar
BUILD, Inc. Board of Directors

Paolina Milana

It's pronounced "POW-LeeNa" and it led to the creation of my own Avatar named "Powerlina": but that's a whole 'nother story (hopefully one we share when we meet).

And maybe you’re wondering “why me?” in terms of who you might want to hire to help with your communication efforts. It’s a big decision. Not only do you have to find the right fit in terms of personality and ethics, but you also have to find the right blend of strategic, creative, and tactical/technical capabilities. And if you do happen to meet up with a partner you trust to get you to where you want to be, you have to be able to make it all work within a realistic budget.

I understand.

For more than two decades, I’ve been helping brands both big and small with their marketing, PR, media and content creation. At my core, I’m a writer who spent the early part of her career copy writing and working as a features reporter and columnist for a major daily newspaper in Illinois. I expanded from telling stories with words in print to adding multi-media elements and going digital.

I learned first-hand about storytelling and finding the right mediums and channels to tell those stories. I’ve created award-winning publications, advertisements, scripts, events, social media campaigns, videos, websites, and have grown to manage teams for all that falls under the communications umbrella for start-ups, SMEs, and big brands.

My background and experience have given me both a strategic and hands-on 360-degree perspective on the evolution of communication and the integration of media and technologies. With proven results based on client goals, I’ve helped to build brands and bottom lines for businesses in the entertainment, technology, education, marketing communication, and non-profit sectors.

What I’ve done for others, I'd like to do for you.

Connect with me at Contact@PaolinaMilana.com.

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